Here is where you can find the work that most accurately displays my current level of skill. I have another page where you can see all the projects that I've been working on since high school up until now.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in sample code any of the projects.


Made in Unreal Engine 4.20

9 weeks

Remnant is a first-person puzzle game where you have the ability to travel between the past and present. Actions done in the past also affect the present. Solve the puzzle by changing timelines and altering the present to your advantage. September, 2018


Made in Unity

9 weeks

Oubliette is a top-down, class, and wave-based hack and slash where you gain score for completing waves of enemies on time and killing individual enemies.June, 2018


Made in Tengine

9 weeks

Avalanche is a single player time attack game, set on a desert mountain. The main character, Tae, must use her earth magic to propel the rockboard forwards as fast as possible and to shape the very path she's racing on.February, 2018

Polygon Stack

Made in Unity, available on Google Play

1 month

Polygon Stack is a mobile game where you try to balance rigid bodies formed like different geometrical shapes. Spawn more shapes and build higher to achieve a greater high score, touch the laser and it's game over.January, 2018

Troll Roll

Made in Tengine

5 weeks

Troll Roll is a local multiplayer game where you play as trolls that are competing against each other to see who can roll down a mountain first. Eat humans to gain speed and avoid structures that will slow you down. First troll down the mountain wins!September, 2017